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Zimbra School District Of Philadelphia

Posted by Bouton Adalie on Sunday, 12 January, 2020 19:39:46

Employee Registration. If you are a new employee and have not already registered for your School District of Philadelphia Portal Account and/or Email account, complete the self-service form below to obtain your username and password.

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School District of Philadelphia. Providing a high-quality education that prepares, ensures, and empowers students to achieve their full intellectual and social potential. You can find more information on School District of Philadelphia on their website.

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Our school building will be closed until January 2nd, see the attached letter for details. SchoolClosing

School District Of Philadelphia Zimbra. Find information about medical leaves of absence, including Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and maternity/parental leaves. Access necessary absence cards, forms and applications. Access pay statements, employee leave balances, and W-2 Forms Access the