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Posted by Brasseur Advent on Saturday, 15 February, 2020 16:42:44

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IMETRIK Global Inc. is a turnkey Telematics Services Provider and a one-stop shop M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Solutions Provider. They specialize in the automotive industry, allowing vehicles to communicate with computer systems seamlessly.

This is a password secured e-commerce site for online ordering of iMETRIK devices and accessories. To get started, please login to your account, with the credentials that have been provided to you, by clicking on the "Sign In" link.

Novedosa herramienta para captura, control y seguimiento de información y de personal. Reducción de costos y maximización de inversión actual al tener certeza del uso de recursos.

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AXIMETRIK is a canadian indie electronic rock band featuring keyboardist, guitarist and singer Samuel Dallaire Thibault and classically trained pianist Francis Pelletier. AXIMETRIK, while electronic music based, also features rock and classical music. It is very british influenced and quite the opposite of MUSE as it is more electronic than rock.